Who we are

The Agora Scottish Theological Learning Network is a fledgling grouping of people who have been involved in full-time theological education and who now serve as pastors of churches in different parts of Scotland. We have a desire to continue to help resource God’s people for Christian life, mission and service, which we do both in our own ministries and also through various opportunities to teach in other contexts in Scotland, including through Agora events. Our hope is that our experience in teaching aspects of theology will sharpen up our ministry and that our involvement in practical ministry will keep our teaching rooted and connected to the realities of life for Christians in Scotland.

Our tutors (so far) are:

Julie Green – Julie is the Assistant Pastor (English Ministry) at Glasgow Chinese Christian Church

Iain Hepburn – Iain is the Ministry Associate at Gilcomston Church in Aberdeen

Jane McArthur – Jane is the minister of Dundee United Free Church of Scotland

David Miller – David is the minister of Millerston United Free Church of Scotland in Glasgow