Introducing Agora

cropped-Logo-with-initial.pngThe Agora was the public square in cities in the ancient Greek world. It was the marketplace where people met to exchange ideas about politics or religion and to carry out business.

Agora is also a new theological learning network which aims to help Christians in Scotland live out their faith in today’s “marketplace”, of ideas, of work, of creativity. We are a group of people who have been involved in both Christian education and ministry, and who want to offer opportunities for Christians to explore in more depth aspects of their faith and how it applies in daily life. Not everyone can undertake full-time study at Bible college or university theology faculty, and most Christians will not enter full-time Christian ministry, but many may want a chance to deepen their own faith and understanding and be equipped to serve more effectively in their local church or in the “marketplace”.

Through conferences, seminars and other learning opportunities, we aim to provide these opportunities.  We will organise various events in different parts of Scotland to which all are welcome, and our tutors may also be available to come to local churches to teach in their particular areas of expertise. We hope to be expanding our bank of tutors over the next few months.

There are many Bible colleges in Scotland which offer very good validated or accredited training and teaching for leaders, and we do not intend to compete with these institutions. Instead we want to help Christians to be faithful followers and servants of Jesus in their daily lives, wherever they live these.

PS – If you wish to explore opportunities for full-time study and training for Christian leadership in a validated or accredited institution you might like to explore one of more of the following (in alphabetical order)

Edinburgh Theological Seminary

Faith Mission Bible College

Highland Theological College

Scottish Baptist College

Scottish School of Christian Mission