Eyes to See, Ears to Hear (Aberdeen)

Saturday 28 May 2016

Gilcomston Church, Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TP

Christians aim to live their lives according to God’s word found in Scripture – but we don’t always find it easy to get to grips with it or understand the various types of writings that are found within its pages.

Christians also aim to live as faithful followers of Jesus and to serve him in contemporary culture – but here too we face the challenges of trying to live that out in a complex society which is impacted by both secularisation and pluralism.

We know things are changing, but we’re not always sure how to respond.

This day conference (along with ones in Edinburgh and Glasgow) aims to offer help and insight to Christians, both those who want to be better equipped to read God’s word and who want help in understanding how best to follow Him in today’s world.

Iain Hepburn will lead us through the often challenging pages of the Old Testament, while David Miller will look at the place of Christianity in a secular/plural word, and Julie Green will look at the relationship between Christianity and culture.

10:00am Arrivals & Registration
10:30am Opening Worship
10:40am How to Read the Old Testament (Iain Hepburn) – session 1 “Altered states” – Christians in a secular/plural society (David Miller)
11:40pm Tea & Coffee
12:00 How to Read the Old Testament – session 2 “Love not the world” – but what about culture? (Julie Green)
1:00pm Lunch (Please bring your own)
2:00pm How to Read the Old Testament – session 3 “As your own poets say” – Hearing God in contemporary culture (Julie Green)
3:00pm Closing reflections, followed by afternoon tea and coffee

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One thought on “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear (Aberdeen)

  1. This seems to be a very exciting conference. No time to get to Aberdeen however! If you run this or others in Edinburgh, please let me know.
    God bless
    Bos Menzies

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